YZ Luxury offers unique inventory management solutions for brand partners through our globally managed sales channels. We offer a range of services including warehouse sales, popup events, wholesale distribution, consignment solutions, and marketing and advertising sales campaigns. Additionally, we are able to provide global inventory solutions outside of the local business market through our global sales partners; thus, minimizing the impact of a sale on the business’s local customers.

In the past, we have conducted successful sales events in Canada, specifically Toronto. The event lasted 4 days, with an attendance of 5,000 people and subscription of over 10,000 people.

We understand that brands and retailers face challenges in terms of overstock inventory. Our partnership focuses on providing solutions in these areas:

  • Reduce overstock and past season inventory
  • Recuperate investment from inventory
  • Free up storage capacity


It's always a challenge for brands to seamlessly manage past and excess inventory. At YZ Luxury, we completely understand those challenges and have catered our services towards solving these challenges for brands and retailers. At our events, we are able to quickly turn excess inventory into instant revenue.

Fast Turnover

Warehouse Sales

We are the experts in operating, marketing and managing sales events with our partners. Our four day sales events offer designer merchandise at up to 80% off retail. The events in the past have great show up and turnover. We can run dedicated events or you can partner in our upcoming events.

Instant revenue


Looking to sell your inventory for instant profit? We can evaluate your inventory and purchase the merchandise. We invest in a wide range of designers and products, including apparel, outerwear, handbags, leather goods, accessories and footwear.

Partner with us


We partner with brands and retailers through consignment with the intent to sell out. This allows you to participate without incurring overhead and maintain ownership and control of all your items. We operate based on a percentage of sale; therefore, you only pay if it sells.


1. Fast revenue recoup from our 4 day sales events

2. No cost as we finance the entire event

3. Global sales channel to sell in other markets

4. Avoid online listings and selling in discount retailers
5. Offer minimum gauranteed revenue if we purchase the items

6. Receive payment within 5 days of event ending

7.Inventory tracking to see exactly what is sold and when it's sold

8. All sales are final. No exchanges or returns